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Posted on: 25/06/2018

Approximately twice per year RiverCare researchers prepare this newsletter to get you up to speed with our progress. We hope that you contact us to get additional information and/or share the latest edition with your colleagues.

Source: RiverCare Programme

Issue 06/ June 2018

RiverCare (2014-2019) approaches its final two years. The number of publications and efforts for dissemination is growing.  In this issue , we give overview on the
latest publications and progress around our communication strategy:

  • RiverCare communication strategy
  • Research Spotlights: Press releases, first PhD defense and follow up project
  • Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR) days 2018
  • Presence at International events and contributions to online-water related platforms

Source: RiverCare Programme

Issue 05/ July 2017

We recognise the importance as well as the challenges to join efforts in a multi-disciplinary program. In this issue , we share our efforts to stimulate collaboration and progress with the communication tools:

  • Joining efforts in the RiverCare day
  • Research Spotlights: Fieldwork and experimental datasets
  • NCR days 2017
  • Outreach activities
  • Upcoming events

Source: RiverCare Programme

Issue 04/ December 2016

In this issue , we share tips from our experience in working with scientific and professional communities. The goal is to get the knowledge into the work-practices of users:

  • Dissemination days, RiverCare day and user commitee meetings
  • Research Spotlights: recent publications
  • RiverCare mid-term review
  • Outreach and collaborations
  • Coming 2017 events

Source: RiverCare Programme

Issue 03/ June 2016

In this issue , we share our efforts towards interdisciplinarity and updates of three of the RiverCare subprojects:

  • Interdisciplinarity in the RiverCare day: The organisers’ and participants’view
  • Research Spotlights: Side channels, floodplains monitoring and participation
  • Some RiverCare facts and trivia
  • RiverCare outreach and plans for our mid-term meeting
  • News update

Source: RiverCare Programme

Issue 02/ December 2015

In this issue , we give an overview about the RiverCare projects and the first synergies between projects:

  • One year after, four years to go
  • Some RiverCare facts
  • First RiverCare synergies
  • Second RiverCare day
  • NCR days 2015
  • News update

Source: RiverCare Programme

Issue 01/ June 2015

In this issue , we organise an excursion and scientific market activity to meet each other and enhance the team spirit:

  • Why RiverCare?
  • First RiverCare day
  • Scientific Market
  • Links with other projects
  • RiverCare excursion
  • Progress update

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