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First PhD research within the Rivers2Morrow Research Programme has been completed.

14/03/2023 by Jana Cox

It is with great pride and pleasure that to inform you that the first PhD research within the Rivers2Morrow research programme has been completed....

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Change in progress research on ‘Supply and origin of fine sediments from the catchment area of the Rhine’

01/02/2023 by Evelien van Eijsbergen

In December 2020 A PhD student started at Utrecht University on research topic ‘Supply and origin of fine sediments from the catchment area of...

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Interview Jana about doing research for Rijkswaterstaat

31/05/2023 by Jana Cox

PhD student Jana Cox knows why researching Dutch rivers is precisely what makes them so interesting: "The Netherlands has the knowledge base when it...

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Research posters now available online!

31/05/2023 by Wybren de Jong

For most of the research of Rivers2Morrow, research posters are available. The posters can be found by clicking on the link below. The posters...

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UU feature: “Delta scientists report four ways to save deltas from sea level rise”

19/05/2022 by Jana Cox

Four strategies were discovered which are used to save deltas from drowning, ranging from a specific type of sluice gate construction to mangrove restoration....

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Volkskrant feature

28/05/2022 by Jana Cox

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UU feature: “Maps reveal the historical path of the Rhine”


Using about 40 old maps of the Netherlands, researchers Jana Cox and Maarten Kleinhans (Utrecht University) and curator and map expert Marco van Egmond (University Library),...

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Website Under Construction

24/06/2022 by Wybren de Jong

Sinde the beginning of May, the website for the Rivers2Morrow has been filled with information regarding the program. On the 4th of july, the...

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