The infographic below summarizes the research focus, and the questions from policy and management in relation to this focus, for all eight research themes. The ambition of the research program to also improve morphological models is also presented as a research theme.

Rivers2Morrow’s insights help, among other things, to underpin the policy program “Integral River Management”. In which new policy on the future discharge capacity and bed position of the rivers is being prepared. This policy will help in a future-proof river system that can be used multiple times and functions well as a system.

At the same time, Rivers2Morrow’s insights can make river management and maintenance more efficient. In this way, the research results are given a place in the management models and guidelines that are used in the design of the river area. Rijkswaterstaat’s regional units use these instruments in the interest of people, animals and natural, cultural and landscape values ​​in and along the rivers.

Last modified: 23/06/2022