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A characterization of side channel development

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Published on 01/11/2019 by Van Denderen, R.P., R. Schielen, M. Straatsma, M. Kleinhans, S. Hulscher

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Pepijn van Denderen

University of Twente

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A categorization of side channel development as a function of the type of sediment that is deposited in the side channel.

Innovative components

Side channels are commonly constructed to reduce the flood risk or to increase the ecological value of a river. Such artificial side channels generally aggrade. We categorize the development of side channels based on the sediment that is deposited in these channels. Based on this categorization, we determine the main mechanisms that affect their development, and we propose an initial framework on how to predict the longā€term development of side channels. The results can be used to design, operate, and maintain side channel systems.

Findings and implications to practice

We present a categorization for side channel systems such that the main mechanisms for its development are easily identified. In addition, we propose an initial framework to easily estimate the side channel development that will help to optimize the design, operation, and maintenance of side channels.

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Van Denderen, R.P. , Schielen, R.M.J., Straatsma, M., Kleinhans, M. G., Hulscher, S. J. M. H., 2019. Replication data: A characterization of side channels. 4TU.Centre for Research Data.

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