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RiverLab – the numerical experimental facility for river research

The RiverLab is set up as the numerical experimental facility to work together on software and models for research related to river behavior and dynamics. It is not just a model development platform - It’s a community.

02/12/2022 by dr. Ralph Schielen

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Pilot NKWK

In this document, the pilot for a river research programme is discussed. This pilot was the base for Rivers2Morrow.

01/11/2017 by dr. Ralph Schielen

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Bed level change in the upper Rhine Delta since 1926 and rough extrapolation to 2050

This study constitutes a first step into predicting the long term morphodynamic response of the Upper Rhine- Delta to climate change. The aim is to get deeper insight into past bed level trends and explore options for data-based extrapolation.

01/11/2019 by Claudia Ylla Arbos

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A regularization strategy for the two-dimensional active layer model

We propose a different regularization strategy that guarantees that the two-dimensional active layer model is well-posed. We implement the two-dimensional regularization strategy in Delft30-FM and apply it to an idealized case and a field case.

02/12/2022 by Wybren de Jong

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Ruimte voor levende rivieren: effect grootschalige rivierverruiming op bodemerosie Waal

In dit rapport is gekeken of rivierverruiming een bijdrage kan leveren aan het stoppen of afremmen van de bodemerosie. Met “verkennende berekeningen” is de invloed van (combinaties van) voorgestelde maatregelen op het sedimenttransport en lange termijn bodemontwikkeling van de Waal in kaart gebracht. Ook is gekeken wat naast rivierverruiming nodig is aan suppleties om de bodemerosie op de Waal geheel te kunnen stoppen en in hoeverre door verruiming de benodigde suppletievolumes afnemen.

01/03/2019 by Hermjan Barneveld

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Long-term development of lowland rivers Rivers2Morrow – a research program

To develop deeper insight in the long-term development of the Dutch river systems, and provide new information for adaptive strategies, the Ministry has started in 2017 a research program called Rivers2Morrow. This program will have a duration of six years and will be part of the larger NKWK program, which addresses fourteen themes related to climate adaption issues.

31/01/2019 by dr. Ralph Schielen

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Response of the upper Rhine-Meuse delta to climate change and sea-level rise

The Rhine River is the most important inland waterway in Europe, with over 300 million tons of cargo transported annually over its waters (Blom, 2016). The river also serves as a water supply for households, industry and agriculture, evacuates wastewater and is part of several nature conservation areas (Frings et al., 2014). Additionally, its waters create a main ecological corridor and host several hydropower plants (Middelkoop et al., 2001). The proper fulfilment of these functions can be hindered due to human intervention and climate change, which both impact the river morphodynamics.

31/01/2019 by Claudia Ylla Arbos

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Can floodplain excavation help to mitigate bed erosion?

At this moment, bed erosion is one of the most serious problems that Rijkswaterstaat encounters. Besides its negative impact on navigability, it has also severe consequences for biodiversity and ecosystems in the floodplains due to lower ground water levels, it endangers the stability of sluices and bridges, cables and pipelines might get exposed, it interrupts the intake from fresh water during low flows and finally, the entrance to harbours (which is often provided by sills) becomes more difficult.

31/01/2019 by Hermjan Barneveld

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Afvoercapaciteit Niederrhein: invloed van rivierverruiming op de rivierafvoer bij Lobith

Het doel van dit onderzoeksproject is het verkrijgen van inzicht in de effecten van rivierverruiming in Nederland op de afvoer van de Rijn bij Lobith, door interactie tussen de waterstandsdaling en overstromingen langs de Duitse Niederrhein mee te nemen. Het in kaart brengen van deze interactie draagt bij aan systeemkennis, waardoor effecten van maatregelen nabij de grens op waterveiligheid beter in beeld kunnen worden gebracht.

27/02/2019 by Lieke Lokin

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Effects of climate change on the Dutch Rhine branches

The Dutch are concerned with the consequences of accelerated sea level rise for the coastal protection system. Astrid Blom reminds us that climate change will not only affect the coast but also the rivers. PhD candidate Claudia Ylla Arbos will study these implications in further detail in the research program Rivers2Morrow of the National Research and Innovation Programme on Water and Climate (NKWK), funded by Rijkswaterstaat and DGWB.

01/01/2019 by Claudia Ylla Arbos

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