H3) RiverCare export potential

Nick Leung

”Exploring the export potential of Rivercare output, how can be of value internationally and how do we get it there"

Practical motivation

The Netherlands are internationally known for their knowledge, experience and innovative measures for flood protection. There is a long history and culture in the management of water and related societal needs. Decades if not centuries of researching the Dutch coastal and inland water system has contributed to the development of various flood protection measures, models to understand the behavior of rivers and integrated management applications. This research keeps helping us to better prepare for an uncertain future and to better understand the effectiveness of prevention and restoration measures. It also allows us to increasingly help governments abroad with multi-functional water and flood related needs, the challenge is often to take into account and adjust to site-specific circumstances. Within Rivercare, much new knowledge on river management will be developed and could strengthen our international position in the water sector.

Management phase: Intervention Planning | Problem identification |

Management goals: Access to information | Coordination & cooperation |

Source: http://floods.wri.org/

Research aim

RiverCare monitors and evaluate multiple measures that have been implemented in the Dutch river systems – in the Room for the River program. We aim to investigate the export possibilities of RiverCare knowledge – whether it is hydro-morphological insight, research on ecosystem services or novel governance aspects- by:

  • Identifying marketable information and/or end products,
  • Exploring the need/demand for these information products, and
  • Developing guidelines for both researchers and end users to ‘cash in’ on the potential.

Temporal scale: Project milestones |


  • Analysis of the Dutch water sector, specifically focused on the Delta technology sector (->water availability, water safety and liveability in delta) and export related activities.
  • Exploring the practical usability of Rivercare research and results.
  • Exploring the international need of Rivercare output.
  • Developing guidelines for export of water expertise/knowledge

Data-collection methods: Interviews | Policy analysis |

Main outputs and next steps

We started compiling a guideline document to improve knowledge export so that we contribute to bridge the gap between science and practice. It contains guidance on aspects like local market analysis and approach, dealing with competition and strategic partnerships, cultural differences and governance structures, funding mechanisms and network advantages.

  • We have developed a concept-tool to assess the readiness for practical use (a la TRL) and will further develop this and apply it to the Rivercare output.
  • We will develop an online tool where we assess the international relevance and interest. Invitees can find more information there and vote.
  • Also a first overview of most important public and private (key) players will be developed. Each stakeholder plays a role in research, knowledge development, knowledge utilization and knowledge export. But how is this arranged in practice? We are working on this analysis.

Study areas

Key study areas: Ijssel river (The Netherlands) | Nederrijn-Lek river (The Netherlands) | Waal river (The Netherlands)

Last modified: 17/06/2018

Main researcher

Nick Leung

Supervisory team

dr. Gertjan Geerling


Prof.dr. Toine Smits


Contributing partners

Rijkswaterstaat Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Gelderland Province

ARCADIS Nederland BV


Radboud University Nijmegen

Utrecht University

University of Twente

NWO Applied and Engineering Sciences

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Cortes Arevalo, V. J., den Haan, R-J. J., Berends, K. D., Leung, N., Augustijn, D. C. M., & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. (2017). RiverCare communication strategy for reaching beyond. Poster session presented at EGU General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria.


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