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Brochures about the longitudinal training dams

Posted at 19/03/2018 by Laura Verbrugge

Communication of project results is important to enable the exchange of knowledge between the different stakeholders affected by the river intervention in the case study area in the Waal.

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Laura Verbrugge

University of Twente

Brochure about the public perceptions available in Dutch and English.

Since 2014, the monitoring group ‘WaalSamen’ (WaalTogether) measures and compares the effects before, during and after their construction of the longitudinal dams. The group is a partnership between Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares, representatives of the inland shipping sector, national and regional angler associations, and four Dutch Universities. Two informative brochures were developed to reach a broader audience, including local residents, nature organisations, water managers and other interested parties.

  • one to disseminate the survey results about public perceptions in the study area (2018, available in Dutch and English); and
  • one about the collaborative monitoring project in general (2018, available in Dutch and English);

Brochure about the collaborative monitoring available in Dutch.

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