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Posted on: 07/11/2017

During the 2017 summer and autumn a fish monitoring campaign was performed by RiverCare  and experts from Bureau Waardenburg.

Featured on the national TV

The goal of this monitoring campaign was quantifying fish species presence and fish biomass of various types of riparian waters (e.g. groyne fields, side channels, floodplain lakes) as part of the research carried out within RiverCare:

On October 31st the popular Dutch tv-programme “Vroege Vogels” filmed our nightly fish monitoring as they were interested in our research (methods) and the species we caught (see TV snapshot).

The monitoring took place at night at eight different locations along the river Waal. Shooting the TV-item was a nice experience and I got a lot of positive feedback on it. Moreover, it provided a good opportunity for the specific projects and the RiverCare programme as a whole to reach a broader audience. Look at the video to learn more about our monitoring campaigns (in Dutch).


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