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Citizen Science newsletter editions of a participatory monitoring project

Posted at 01/12/2017 by Laura Verbrugge

Monthly newsletters during the fishing season and a Facebook page update participants of the ongoing activities and results.

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Laura Verbrugge

University of Twente

Spring 2016 marked the beginning of participatory monitoring project with recreational fishermen called ‘Vissen langs de Dam’ (in Dutch). This citizen science project is part of the collaborative monitoring program WaalSamen (or Waal Together in English) that investigates the effects of the construction of longitudinal dams. The recreational fishermen work closely with the researchers Laura Verbrugge and Frank Collas by reporting their catches

  • In collaboration with the Royal Dutch Angler Association a number of fishing days / competitions are organized every year (2016, 2017 and 2018) in the channel behind the longitudinal dam in the river Waal between Ophemert and Wamel. These fishing days are open and free for everyone and have the aim of contributing to fish monitoring by reporting their catches.
  • RiverCare researcher (Laura Verbrugge) keeps participants informed about the monitoring results and research activities via the monthly newsletter and Facebook page ( ).

Explore the newsletter editions and Facebook page to learn more (in Dutch).

2018 editions (in Dutch)

Location of the participatory monitoring activities along the longitudinal dam in the river Waal between Ophemert and Wamel.

2017 editions (in Dutch)

  • Newsletter 6 | April 2017: Update to report observations
  • Newsletter 7 | May 2017: Effects of the underwater sounds on fish in the bank channel.
  • Newsletter 8 | June 2017: Results of the 2017 competition
  • Newsletter 9 | July 2017: Overview of summer monitoring activities
  • Newsletter 10 | August 2017: Special catches and experiments in Wageningen
  • Newsletter 11 | September 2017: Results of last month monitoring activities
  • Newsletter 12 | October 2017: Photo series of the river bank

2016 editions (in Dutch)

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